Kurile Islands Volcanoes | John Seach


The Kurile Islands are located in the Russian far east. The 56 islands stretch for 1300 km from Japan to Kamchatka peninsula. The Kurile Islands lie 150 km NW of the tectonic boundary at the junction of the Pacific and Okhotsk plates.

Based on the average number of recorded eruptions from the last century, an eruption has occurred about once every 1.6 years (or 0.6 eruptions per year) in the Kurile Islands.

Strong explosive eruptions are typical of small volcanic islands in the middle part of the Greater Kuril Chain.

Volcanoes of Russia

Kunashir Island 

Iturup Island 

Urup Island 

North of Urup Island 

Simushir Island 

North of Simushir Island

Matua Island 

North of Matua Island 

Shiashkotan Island 

N and NW of
Shiashkotan Island

Onekotan Island

Paramushir Island

NW of Paramushir Island