John Seach | 39 years of volcano adventures

Adjunct Research Fellow: 
University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
Stellar magnetism, 11 nova discoveries
Volcano adventurer.             

Over the past 39 years John has traveled to the world's most exciting volcanoes, and witnessed eruptions during trips to more than 200 volcanoes.

Volcano Live was the world's first volcano news and travel website monitoring worldwide volcanic activity.

John founded in 2000 driven by a fervent love for volcanoes and a deep-seated desire to share this passion with others. John's purpose is to kindle the same awe and respect for the natural wonder and majesty of volcanoes .

Through this platform, John aspires to connect, educate, and inspire individuals with the dramatic beauty and power of our planet's most spectacular natural phenomena. With John's broad-ranging expertise in the field and a network of professionals at his disposal, John provides a unique, hands-on approach to every aspect of the business. 

John personally oversees every adventure, curates the news, and offers knowledge and experience for television productions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, thorough safety measures, and up-to-date scientific research, John ensures every experience is safe, immersive, and enlightening.

John offers a variety of services under personal guidance and direction:

Volcano Adventure Travel: Experience the raw beauty and power of active volcanoes. Each adventure is meticulously planned, ensuring a thrilling and unforgettable journey into the heart of Earth's most dramatic landscapes.

Television Location Consulting and Presenting: John personally collaborates with TV productions, offering expertise and unique perspective to help scout the best locations, ensure safety, and provide authentic presentations on volcanic environments.

Volcano News Source: Get the latest and most accurate volcano news, handpicked and curated by John. Keep up-to-date with recent eruptions, groundbreaking research, and captivating stories from the volcanic world.

"John has amazing stories to tell and brilliant visual material to support it. He really communicates his love for the subject." Tetra Pak VIP Cruise.

PhD (Astrophysics)
Master of Astronomy
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
Scuba Diving Instructor (PADI)

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john seach
John Seach at Mt Etna in 2000. Discovery channel documentary.

john seach
John Seach at Mt Enta eruption in 2000.

john seach
John Seach at Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu in 2000.

john seach
John Seach, Scuba diving Instructor

john seach
John Seach - pilot and aircraft owner

John Seach Microlight pilot

Microlight flight

john seach
John Seach, aircraft pilot

john seach
John Seach, IMDB

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Life Member of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior. (IAVCEI).

John Seach is an Astrophysicist with 11 credited nova discoveries.
John's most recent nova discovery is Nova Circini 2018. 
A notable discovery was Nova Centauri 2013 (V1369 Cen, Nova Cen 2013) which is the 16th brightest nova observed. It had a maximum magnitude of 3.3 and at its peak was the 227th brightest star in the sky.

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Stamp Photos
John's volcano photos are featured on the stamps of Papua New Guinea in 2009.


John's Volcano Adventure Highlights

1) First person to abseil into active crater at Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu, while the volcano was erupting. Filmed for an award winning Discovery Channel documentary in 2000.

2) John's expedition was the first to the summit of Eyjafjallajokull volcano, Iceland during the 2010 eruption which disrupted flights in Europe.

3) First scientist to climb to summit of Chaiten volcano in Chile in 2008 after the world's largest rhyolite eruption in 100 years. Made 2 visits to the volcano in 2008.

4) Guided helicopter pilot to summit landing on Marapi volcano, Sumatra (9500 ft), followed by a solo descent off the mountain through tiger infested jungle (2008).

5) First scientist to reach the eruption of Manam Volcano, Papua New Guinea, the largest eruption in the world in 2004.

6) Reached lava flows at Mayon volcano, Philippines 2006. 

7) Free-climbed 240m into the crater at Ambrym Volcano to study the lava lakes beginning in 1998.

8) Entered the evacuated town of Toyako Onsen during the April 2000 eruptions of Mt Usu, Japan.    

9) Rare eruption observations at remote Tinakula volcano, Solomon Islands (1989-90, 1995).

10) World's most experienced observer of Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu, one of the world's most active volcanoes (currently not erupting since 2018).

11) First person to climb into active crater at Gaua Volcano, Vanuatu in 1999.

12) One of the first people to climb to the summit of Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania after the large eruptions of 2007-2008.

13) In 2009 visited Central Island volcano in northern Kenya, a rarely visited active volcano in the world's largest desert lake.

14) In 2009 climbed to the summit crater lake at Ambae volcano, Vanuatu a rarely visited active volcano.

15) In 2009, made rare visit to lava tubes of Suswa volcano, Kenya.

16) In 2000 made a comprehensive study of gas ring formation at Mt Etna volcano, Italy.

17) In 2000 made a close approach to 800 m high lava flountain at Mt Etna Volcano, Italy.

18) In 1999 made the closest approach ever to Stombolian eruptions inside the summit crater at Mt Etna volcano, Italy.

19) Climbed to the summit of Krakatau volcano, Indonesia (2000) for a Discovery Channel documentary.

20) First person to reach the summit of Garbuna Volcano, Papua New Guinea in 2005, following the first eruption in 1700 years.

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