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Saturday 24th January 2015
Kuwae Volcano, Vanuatu

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit under Kuwae volcano, Vanuatu on 23rd January 2015. The focus was at a depth of 218 km.
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Thursday 8th January 2015
Soputan Volcano, Indonesia

Eruptions of Soputan volcano began on 3rd January 2015. On 6th January ash emissions reached 27,000 ft. A 6.5 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano and the alert level raised to RED.
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Thursday 1st January 2015
Hunga Ha'apai Volcano, Tonga

Eruptions of Hunga Ha'apai undersea volcano, Tonga, began on 19 December 2014. Activity was reported by fisherman. Hunga Ha’apai is located 63 km away from the capital, Nuku’alofa. A white plume was visuble from Kanokupolu coastline since 24 December.
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Thursday 1st January 2015
Tangkubanparahu Volcano, Indonesia

Tangkubanparahu volcano in west Java was raised to level 2 alert (waspada) on 31st December 2014 due to an increase in seismicity.
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