Alaid Volcano - John Seach


Kurile Islands, Russia

50.85 N, 155.55 E
summit elevation 2339 m

Alaid is the tallest and northernmost volcano in the Kurile Islands. The volcano contains 1.5-km-wide summit crater breached to the south. Large explosive eruptions occurred in 1790 and 1981.

Two types of eruptions occur at the volcano: central crater eruptions and lateral eruptions. Eruptions from the central crater are more dangerous. The largest central crater eruptions occurred in February 1793, June 1854, July 1860, 1894, and April 1981.

Hazards at the volcano include ash plumes, ash falls, lava and pyroclastic flows, and lahars. Eruptions at the volcano can affect flights between North America and Asia.

2012 Activity
On 5th October 2012 a steam and gas plume reched 200 m above the crater at Alaid volcano. A hotspot was visible on satellite images on 15th October 2012.

2003 Earthquakes
Seismic tremor began at Alaid volcano on 31st October and continued until November. The tremor was related to strong winds, and was not caused by volcanic activity.

1997 Eruption
In August 1997 a hotspot was visible on satellite images of the volcano indicating eruptive activity. Ashfall was reported on SW Kamchatka.

1996 Eruption
Seismic activity increased in December and satellite images showed a plume to a height of 6 km above the volcano.

1981 Eruption of Alaid Volcano
The eruption of Alaid volcano in 1981 was one of the largest in the Kurile Islands in historical times. The eruption began at midday on 27th April 1981. On 29th April an ash plume reached 1900 km from the volcano. Ashfall was measured 1,000 km from the volcano, over an area of 150,000 sq km. Ash emissions possibly reached 12.8 km altitude, just below the tropopause. As a result of this eruption the cinder cone and the glacier which filled the crater were ejected.

1972 Eruptions
Submarine eruption volcano Alaid began in June, with a fissure extending from the base of the volcano to the sea. Ash emissions reached a height of 8 km and were 6 km wide.

1933-1934 Eruptions
This was the first observed flank eruption.

1894 - eruption from the summit crater.
1860 - eruption from the summit crater.
1854 - strong explosive eruption from the summit crater.
1793 - an eruption from the summit crater.

Alaid Volcano Eruptions

1997, 1996, 1986, 1982, 1981, 1972, 1933-34, 1894, 1860, 1854, 1790-93