Golovnin Volcano | John Seach


Kunashir Island, Kurile Islands, Russia

43.85 N, 145.53 E
summit elevation 541 m

Golovnin is the southernmost volcano in the Kurile Islands. The volcano is only 33 km from Hokkaido in Japan.

A hot caldera lake lies on the north of the volcano. Swimming in the hot lake is prohibited since it is a protected reserve.

Condensates from vapours at Golovnin volcano have been measured to contain a higher quantity of cations, as compared to anions. Cations included calcium, magnesium, silicon, alkaline metals. The condensates were opaque, opalescent
and were probably colloid solutions.

1988 Fumarolic Activity
A flyover Golovnin Volcano on 6th November 1988 showed moderate solfataric activity at the northern base of the east and west domes and along Goryachee Lake's southern shore.

1987 Observations
The temperature of the hot lake varied from 34 to 84°C. The stream that flowed from the lake was 30-34° C.

Golovnin Volcano Eruptions