Lake Baringo, Kenya - John Seach


Ol Kokwe volcano
Lake Baringo, Kenya

0.63 N, 36.08 E
summit elevation 1130 m
Shield volcano

Lake Baringo is a located in the northern Kenyan Rift Valley. The lake is freshwater and supports a large bird, crocodile, hippo, and fish population. Ol Kokwe Island is located in the centre of Lake Baringo. It is the smallest volcano in the northern Rift Valley. Geothermal activity is present along the NE peninsula.

Lake Baringo is located in a faulted area of the axial graben of the central Kenya Rift. Lake Baringo is fresh despite a lack of outlet, and in the presence of a shallow depth and high evaporation rate.

Lake Baringo photos by John Seach

lake baringo kenya rift valley
Lake Baringo 2008

baringo volcano kenya
Lake Baringo (Ol Kokwe volcano)

ol kokwe volcano kenya
One of the eruption locations of Ol Kokwe volcano in Lake Baringo

Ol Kokwe Island, Lake Baringo 2008

lake baringo
Ol Kokwe Island, Lake Baringo, Kenya

lake baringo, kenya
Sightseeing for hippos, Lake Baringo, Kenya

lake baringo kenya
Lake Baringo boat tour office

lake baringo tours
Lake Baringo tour booking

kenya tribe
Tribe near Ol Kokwe volcano, Lake Baringo, Kenya

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 Ol Kokwe Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.