Rift Valley, Africa - John Seach


The rift valley is a 4000 mile fissure in the earth's crust, stretching from Lebanon to Mozambique.

The Western Branch of the East African Rift System extends for more than 2500 km from the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the northern part of Lake Malawi.

The Ethiopian Rift Valley is a graben with an average width of about 70-80 km. It is limited, to the West, by the Ethiopian Plateau and, to the East, by the Somalian Plateau.

The Kenyan rift system (Gregory Rift) consists of a rift valley, sheer escarpments
along the faulted walls, and active volcanoes.

Rift Valley 
Kenyan Rift Valley - John Seach

Lakes of Kenyan Rift Valley

Lake Magadi Lake Bogoria
Lake Naivasha Lake Baringo
Lake Elementeita Lake Logipi
Lake Nakuru Lake Turkana