Visoke Volcano - John Seach



Democratic Republic of Congo / Rwanda

1.47 S, 29.492 E
summit elevation 3711 m

Visoke Volcano is located on the Democratic Republic of Congo / Rwanda border. The volcano contains a 450-m-wide lake in the summit crater. An eruption in 1957 formed two small cones on the north flank, 11 km from the summit.

visoke volcano

Visoke volcano - John Seach

A field of cinder cones is located between Visoke and Sabinyo volcanoes.

The volcano has produced leucitite, olivine nephelinite, basanite and hawaiite
lavas. Visoke leucitites exhibit a relatively restricted compositional range.

Visoke Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.
In 1957 an eruption occurred at Mugogo volcano, 11 km north of the summit.