Zheltovsky Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

51.75 N, 157.32 E
summit elevation 1953 m

Zheltovsky Volcano is located 16 km NE of Lake Kurile in southern Kamchatka. It is a twin stratovolcano with a relative height of 1600 m, basal diameter of 10 x 12 km, an area of 85 sq km, and a volume of ejected material of 55 cubic km.

Zheltovsky contains a crater 500 x 800 m wide with steep walls. A 600 m wide dome forms the volcano summit at the northern end of the crater. The volcano was formed 8000 years ago.

1972-73 Eruptions
The volcano resumed fumarolic activity in 1972-73 and possibly produced a phreatic explosion.

1923 Eruption
The largest historical eruption in 1923 was effusive-explosive and produced a small andesite-basaltic lava flow down the SE flank.

Further reading
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Zheltovsky Volcano Eruptions

1972-73, 1923, 1823? ± 5, 3050 BC?, 6050 BC?, 7050 BC ± 1000