Maly Semiachik Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

54.13 N, 159.67 E
summit elevation 1560 m

Maly Semiachik volcano is located in eastern Kamchatka, 15 km NE of Karymsky. It contains a 10 km wide caldera and a crater lake filling Troitsky Crater.

Maly Semiachik volcano consists of a volcanic ridge 3 km long built by three stratovolcanoes. Paleo-Semiachik is the oldest and highest cone in the northeast. It contains a flat summit and an absolute height of 1560 m. Meso-Semiachik is located in the middle and contains a semi-filled crater. Ceno-Semiachik is located in the southwest, and contains an active crater Troitsky with a thermal lake.

The volcano and flows cover an area of 120 sq km with a volume of 20 cubic km. The northwestern slope contains a cinder covered glacier.

For the past 150-200 years Maly Semiachik volcano has been in an intense solfatara stage. The activity is buffered by the crater lake. Heat is lost in pulses and results in periodic explosions at the summit. The volcano is expected to erupt again in the future, possibly within years.

1952 Eruption
An explosive eruption occurred at Toitsky Crater in 1952

1945-46 Eruption
Explosive eruptions occurred at Toitsky Crater in 1945-46.

1852 and 1854 Eruptions
Intense steaming and possible ash clouds were observed at the volcano.

1804 Eruption
An eruption of Maly Semiachik in 1804 buried forest north of the volcano in cinders.

Maly Semiachik Volcano Eruptions

1952, 1945-46, 1854, 1852, 1851, 1804

Uncertain eruptions: 1550, 1400 ± 50 yr, 550 BC, 650 BC, 850 BC, 1800 BC ± 50, 2250 BC, 2450 BC, 3500 BC ± 50, 4500 BC ± 50, 4650 BC, 5050 BC, 5450 BC, 5750 BC, 5850 BC, 6150 BC, 6950 BC, 7550 BC