Opala Volcano | John Seach


Opalskaya sopka, Apalskaya sopka, Apachinskaya sopka

Kamchatka, Russia

52.543 N, 157.335 E
summit elevation 2475 m

Opala volcano is located in southern Kamchatka, to the west of the main volcanic chain, 70 km from the west coast.

The relative height of the volcano is 1870 m, with a base of 11 km wide, covering an area of 80 sq km, and producing 50 cubic km of ejecta. A central cone shaped stratovolcano is situated in the caldera. The 2 x 2.5 km crater is filled by a 1 km wide lava dome.

Eruptions at Opala volcano
Eruptions at Opala volcano are explosive. Hazards include ash plumes, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, and lahars. No fumaroles have been detected at the volcano. Future eruptions at the volcano may be explosive due to a shallow magma chamber.

1894 Eruption
A dome formed at the southern base of the volcano which erupted gases.

Eruption in 1776
A large explosive summit eruption occurred about 300 years ago.

Opala Volcano Eruptions

1894, 1854, 1827, 1776, 610 AD ± 50, 1550 BC?, 3500 BC?