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September 2011


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Thursday 29th September 2011
Hierro Volcano, Canary Islands

Earthquakes continue at Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands. Since July 2011 over 8000 small earthquakes have been recorded at the volcano. Yesterday an earthquake of magnitude 3.5 occurred. Deformation has increased significantly at the volcano in the past week. On 23rd September 2011 the alert level was raised to YELLOW. Some residents have been evacuated from near the volcano. Earthquakes are occurring in the northwest of the island at the location of a landslide that created a 100 metre high tsunami about 50,000 years ago. A major debris avalanche occurred on the northern flank of Hierro Island, dated about 13,000 years ago. It had a width of 15 km and a scarp height of 1000 m. The landslide deposited 150-180 cubic km of debris on the seafloor down to a depth of 3000 m.
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Friday 9th September 2011
Tambora Volcano, Indonesia

Tambora volcano in Indonesia has been raised to level 3 alert (out of maximum 4) on 8th September. On 6-7 September continuous tremor was recorded at the volcano. On 7th September there were 40 shallow volcanic earthquakes. A 3-km exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.
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Friday 2nd September 2011
Katla Volcano, Iceland

An earthquake swarm has occurred near Katla volcano in Iceland. The largest earthquake in the swarm measured magnitude 3.2 on the evening of 1st September. The seismic activity occurred under Mýrdalsjökull glacier in southern Iceland which covers Katla volcano. The volcano has not erupted however there has been increasing interest in Katla since the eruption of nearby Eyjafjallajokull in 2010.
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Friday 2nd September 2011
Lewotobi Volcano, Indonesia

Seismic activity has increased at Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia. The background level of shallow volcanic earthquakes at the volcano is between 5-10 per day. The number of shallow volcanic earthquakes increased to 50 on the 27th August 2011, 54 on 28th August, 19 on 29th August, 24 on 30th August, and 9 on 31st August. On 1st September the alert status was increased to level 2 (out of a maximum 4). A 1 km exclusion zone has been placed around the crater.
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