Lewotobi Volcano | John Seach


Eastern Flores, Indonesia

8.53 S, 122.77 E
summit elevation 1703 m

Lewotobi volcano is located on the eastern end of Flores Island. The volcano contains two peaks separated by 2 km and a 1232 m high saddle. A summit crater at Lewotobi Lakilaki (1584 m) has a diameter of 400 m and is open to the north. The crater at Lewotobi Perampuan (1703 m) is 700 m wide.

Lewotobi is an andesitic volcano which has a history of explosive magmatic eruptions. Eruptions occur at interval from 1-29 years. The most recent eruption occurred in 2003.

2015 Unrest
Volcanic earthquakes increased at Lewotobi volcano on 13th March 2015. On 17th March 2015 the alert level was raised from normal to waspada (level 2). A 1 km radius exclusion zone was placed around the crater.

2011 Unrest
Seismic activity has increased at Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia in August 2011. The background level of shallow volcanic earthquakes at the volcano is between 5-10 per day. The number of shallow volcanic earthquakes increased to 50 on the 27th August 2011, 54 on 28th August, 19 on 29th August, 24 on 30th August, and 9 on 31st August. On 1st September the alert status was increased to level 2 (out of a maximum 4). A 1 km exclusion zone has been placed around the crater.

2003 Eruptions
An eruption occurred at Lewotobi volcano on 30th May 2003. Ash emissions reached 200 m above the summit and ash fell at the observatory, 5 km from the crater. Eruptions continued in June and July, with ashfall in the villages of Bawalatang, Duang, and Boru. Seismic activity finished in September 2003.

2002 Eruption
An explosion occurred at the volcano on 12th October 2002.

1999 Eruption
Rumbling and ash emissions began at the volcano on 31st March 1999. A strong eruption occurred at Lewotobi volcano on 1st July 1999. Glowing lava was ejected over a 500 m radius. Forest fires started by the eruption burnt up to 2.5 km north of the volcano. Ash fell in an 8 km radius, including at Boru, Bawalatang, and Watukubu.

1991 Eruptions
Explosions occurred at the summit crater in May 1991. Strombolian eruptions occurred in June.

1939 Eruption
On 17th December 1939 Lewotobi volcano showed eruptive activity exactly 6 years after the start previous eruptions. At Hokeng Mission stones "like hen eggs" rained for 10 minutes.

1933 Eruption
An ash eruption occurred at Lewotobi volcano on 17th December 1933. Incandescent ejecta were observed from Doeang and Nobo.

1932 Eruption
On 28th July 1932 a gas explosion occurerred at Lewotobi volcano.

Further reading
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Lewotobi Volcano Eruptions

2003, 2002, 1999, 1991, 1990, 1971, 1970, 1968-69, 1939-40, 1935, 1932-33, 1921, 1914, 1909-10, 1907, 1889, 1869, 1868, 1865, 1861, 1859?, 1675.