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Sunday 29th August 2010
Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

Sinabung volcano erupted on 29th August 2010 for the first time in hundreds of years. Ash emissions reached a height of 1500 m. At least 12,000 people were evacuated.
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Thursday 26th August 2010
Galeras Volcano, Colombia

An eruption occurred at Galeras volcano, Colombia at 04:00 am on 25th August. The eruption was explosive and caused ashfall 12 km from the volcano. About 8000 people have been evacuated from areas surrounding the volcano.
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Tuesday 10th August 2010
Vanuatu Earthquake (Mag 7.3)

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Vanuatu today at 04:23 pm local time. The epicentre was located 40 km NW of the capital Port Vila. A small 0.23 m high tsunami was generated. The closest active volcano to the epicentre is Kuwae volcano 100 km NNE.
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Thursday 5th August 2010
Papua New Guinea Earthquake (Mag 7.0)

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea today at 8:01 am local time. The epicentre was located 36 km SE of Pago volcano. The earthquake was felt in Kimbe, Kandrian and Pomio. No Tsunami was generated.
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