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Sumatra, Indonesia

3.17 N, 98.392 E
summit elevation 2460 m

Sinabung volcano is located in northern Sumatra adjacent to the town of Berastagi. Sinabung volcano contains four overlapping summit craters, with solfatara activity present during the 20th century. The cone shows evidence of many lava flows. Sinabung is an andesitic stratovolcano. Activity began at Sinabung volcano, on 27th August 2010 after a millennium of inactivity.

Spectacular Sinabung eruption video 2014
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Sinabung volcano photos 2014 by John Seach

Sinabung volcano eruption
Sinabung volcano January 2014

sinabung eruption Indonesia 2014
Sinabung pyroclastic flow January 2014

sinabung volcano, sumatra
Large pyroclastic flow, Sinabung volcano, January 2014

sinabung volcano eruption 2014
Sinabung eruption was most spectacular at night

Sinabung volcano and dust devils
Sinabung volcano eruption. Pyroclastic flow and dust devils.

sinabung volcano
Sinabung volcano lava flow 2014

sinabung 2014
Sinabung volcano 2014

sinabung volcano
John Seach at Sinabung volcano, January 2014

sinabung volcano
Sinabung volcano pyroclastic flow, January 2014

Sinabung volcano, Indonesia
Dust devil and lava dome at Sinabung volcano, Indonesia

Sinabung volcano, Sumatra
Pyroclastic flow at Sinabung volcano, January 2014

sinabung eruption 2014
Lava dome at Sinabung volcano, Sumatra

sinabung volcano Indonesia
Volcano tourism at Sinabung volcano, Sumatra

crop damage sinabung volcano
Crop damage from ash, Sinabung volcano 2014

sinabung evacuation centre
Sinabung volcano evacuation centre.

2019-21 Eruptions
Sinabung remains active in 2021. Eruption of Sinabung volcano occurred on 8 August 2020. Ash emissions reached altitude of 11,000 ft. This is the first eruption of Sinabung for more than a year. The volcano remained at level 3 alert (SIAGA) on a scale of 1 to max 4.

2013-14 Eruption
Eruption of Sinabung volcano in September 2013 sent ash to altitude of 20,000 ft. An increase in activity has occurred at Sinabung volcano, Sumatra suring the second half of November 2013. On 18th November 2013 ash emissions reached altitude of 37,000 ft. On 24th November Sinabung was raised to the maximum level 4 alert (awas). Four centimetre diameter projectiles were ejected 4 kilometres from volcano. A 5 km radius exclusion zone was placed around the volcano, and 15,000 people evacuated.

During an expedition to Sinabung volcano, Sumatra in January 2014 John Seach observed eruptions. Pyroclastic flows were descending the southeast flank of the volcano with a runout distance of 5 km. On 14th January there were almost continuous pyroclastic flows. The eruption was accompanied by ash emission from two locations on the summit of the volcano. Pyroclastic flows were approaching close the the edge of the exclusion zone. Heavy ashfall occurred on the south and southwest of the volcano causing damage to crops.

2014 Fatalities
On 1st February 2014, at least 14 people were killed by a pyroclastic flow inside the restricted zone at Sinabung volcano, Indonesia. A large eruption sent the burning cloud into Sukameriah village 2.7 kilometres from the volcano's crater. More victims are suspected but rescue teams were prevented from entering the area due to the risk of more pyroclastic flows.

2010 Eruption
Activity began at Sinabung volcano, on 27th August 2010 after a millennium of inactivity. Six large explosive eruptions have occurred at the volcano in the past month. These eruptions occurred on August 27 at 18:30 pm, August 29 at 0:10 pm, August 30 at 06: 23 pm, September 03 at 04:38 and 17:59 pm, and September 7, at 0:23:37 pm. The largest explosive eruption occurred on September 7. Eruption was accompanied by strong roar and rattled windows 8km from the volcano. An eruption column 5000 m high drifted southeast. As of September 22, 2010, activity was dominated by thick white gas emission, rising an average height of between 50-100 m above the crater.

Eruption 1200 years ago
Center for Geological Survey in Bandung has dated charcoal at Sinabung volcano at 1200 years ago. Some pyroclastic flow deposits have been estimated at 800-900 years ago.

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Sinabung Volcano Eruptions

2019-21, 2013-18, 2010, 800.