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Tuesday 8th June 2010
Taal volcano, Philippines

Taal volcano in the Philippines has been showing signs of unrest. Since 26th April volcanic earthquakes have increased. Between 11-24 May the temperature in the crater lake increased by 2-3 dec C. The composition of Main Crater Lake water has shown above normal values of Mg/Cl, SO4/Cl and Total Dissolved Solids. There has been ground steaming accompanied by hissing sounds on the northern and northeast sides of the main crater. PHIVOLCS has raised the status of the volcano to Alert Level 2, which indicates the volcano is undergoing magmatic intrusion which may lead to an eruption. The main crater has been placed off limits due to the risk of an eruption.
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Saturday 5th June 2010
Yasur volcano, Vanuatu

High level activity continues at Yasur volcano, Vanuatu. Explosive eruption have sent lava bombs several hundred metres from the crater. Ashfall is affecting areas surrounding the volcano and trade winds are blowing ash northwest towards middle bush. The eruptions have not disrupted flights in Vanuatu, although some domestic flights in New Caledonia have been affected.
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Saturday 5th June 2010
Eyjafjallajokull volcano, Iceland

Eruptions have finished at Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland. There is only a small amount of steam emitting from the summit crater. A few small shallow earthquakes are being recorded under the ice cap. Volcanic tremor has almost reduced to pre eruption levels.
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