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1935 Eruptions
During 6-12 July 1935 eruptions from Krakatau volcano were heard in Java 360 km away. The zone of greatest audibility was between 250 and 300 km. The explosions were not heard less than 180 km from the volcano. Doors and windows rattled in Bandung 250 km away.

1933 Eruptions
New eruptions occurred at Krakatau volcano on 16th January 1933. Black ash clouds rose to a height of 1200 m. Ash eruptions continued until 19th January. Most eruptions came from a new vent on the SW side of the crater lake. Strong activity occurred on 28-29 February with emissions 1000 m high. Violent eruptions occurred at Krakatau volcano on 1-2 May 1933. Eruption cloud reached a maximum height of 7900 m.

1932 Eruptions
A new short period of activity began at Krakatau volcano on 12th February 1932. Maximum height of ejecta was 300 m.

1931 Eruptions
The island had reached a height of 41 m on the 25th September 1931 when intense eruptions were observed. Maximum ejecta height was 2400 m. By the beginning of October the island was 1150 m x 375 m in diameter.

1930 Eruptions
Activity increased in the first 9 days of March 1930. On 7th March the eruption point was at a depth of 5 m. New eruptions began on 30th April 1930, and lasted until 15th May. During the time water fountains were seen. On 11th May 800 eruptions were seen. On 25th June 14,260 eruptions occurred with a maximum height of 700 m. On 12th August 1930 the island had reached a height of 9.5 m, and a length of 1 km.

416 AD Eruption
Violent eruptions of Krakatau were accompanied by heavy rain of stone. The volcano burst into pieces and sank. This may have described a caldera forming eruption.

3rd Century AD
Chinese records mention an eruption in 3rd century AD.

Warning: climbing Anak Krakatau is currently very dangerous and should not be attempted.

Eruption of 1883
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