Komarov Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

55.032 N, 160.720 E
summit elevation 2576 m

Komarov volcano is located in northern Gamchen range in eastern Kamchatka. Gamchen volcanic range has a north–south orientation, which contains four Holocene volcanoes (Gamchen, Vysoky, Komarov and Barany).

Komarov is a complex volcanic structure comprising a pre-caldera structure, caldera, cone with lava flows, and two explosive domes at the base. Komarov volcano contains a 2.4 x 4 km caldera. Fumaroles are located on the northern and southern flanks.

Komarov volcano hosts a number of active solfatara fields. Its summit rocks are strongly altered, likely contributing to weakness of this rather small edifice. The western sector of the volcano collapsed 1000 years ago, based on tephrochronological evidence. The resulting landslide and lahar deposits are composed of altered rocks.

Eruptions at Komarov volcano
Eruptive products at the volcano consists of calc-alkaline rocks. The pre-caldera structure is composed of basalt. The base of the young cone contains andesite-basaltic flows. Future eruptions at Komarov may occur from the summit and be both explosive and effusive.

Komarov Volcano Eruptions

450 AD?