Kinenin Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

57.341 N, 160.966 E
summit elevation 583 m

Kinenin volcano is located east of the Sredinny Range, Kamchatka. Kinenin is the youngest of the known Kamchatka maars. Its location is also unique - it is situated considerably north of the Aleutian transform fault, and is beyond the currently accepted limits of the zone of the active influence of the subducting Pacific Plate.

The lake filled maar is circular in shape and about 1 km in diameter, with a maximum wall height of 583 m.

The eruption of Kinenin Maar was phreatomagmatic. The volume of the erupted material is approximately 0.5 cubic km, with tephra spread to ENE. Rocks are Medium-K basaltic andesite.

Further reading
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Kinenin Volcano Eruptions

1100 years ago.