Kikhpinych Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

54.487 N, 160.253 E
summit elevation 1552 m

Kikhpinych volcano is located in central eastern Kamchatka, south of Kronotsky Lake. The volcano consists of three structures of different composition and ages.

No historic eruption have occurred at Kikhpinych volcano. The most recent eruption occurred a few hundred years ago and formed Krab lava dome.

The younger Kikhpinych contains two basaltic Holocene cones, the older Kikhpinych (Mt Pik volcano) is the basement, and Zheltaya in the south is a dacitic volcano.

Savich cone
Savich cone formed 1450 years ago in a crater produced by intense volcanic activity. Major eruptions of Savich cone occurred 1450, 1000. and 600 years ago. Total volume of ejected material was 0.46 cubic km.

Fumarolic activity
Gases sampled at the summit of Savich cone contain about 3% carbon dioxide.

Kikhpinych Volcano Eruptions

Zapadnyi cone: 4100-4200 years ago.
Savich cone: 1450 years ago.
Krab lava dome: several hundred years ago.