Bolshoi-Kekuknaysky Volcano | John Seach


(Bolshaya, Kekyknaisky)
Kamchatka, Russia

56.47 N, 157.80 E
summit elevation 1401 m
Shield volcanoes

Bolshoi-Kekuknaysky volcano is located in central Kamchatka. The volcano consists of two overlapping shield volcanoes. Bolshaya-Kekuknaysky volcano massif is situated in the western foothills of the Sredinny Range, 200 km away from Sheveluch volcano.

A large trough valley dissects the volcano’s body, which contains several well preserved lava flows and cinder cones, which dammed Bolshoe Gol’tsovoe and Maloe Gol’tsovoe lakes. Lava flows at Goltsovoe lakes were formed during the last glacial period.

Kekuk Crater (Kekuknaysky volcano).
The crater (56°34N, 158°02E) is located at the northern foothill of Kekyknaisky Volcano, 20 km NE of the summit of Mt. Bolshaya (1299 m). It represents an explosive crater with a diameter of 1 km that was formed on a flank of the extrusion (728 m). Kekuk Crater has an extreme north-western position among the presently known centers of Holocene silicic volcanism in Kamchatka.

Further reading
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Bolshoi-Kekuknaysky Volcano Eruptions

7200–7300 years ago.