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Nova Centauri 2013 (V1369 Cen, Nova Cen 2013) was discovered by John Seach on 2013 December 02.692 UT in the constellation Centaurus. This was John's 9th Nova discovery.

Nova Centauri 2013 is the 16th brightest nova observed, and at its brightest was the 227th brightest star in the sky.

Nova Centauri 2013 (V1369 Cen) was the first nova shown to create Lithium. This helped solve the Lithium problem in cosmology. Lithium was created between 10 seconds and 20 minutes after the big bang. Previously there was no explanation for the difference in Lithium in old versus young stars. The discovery in Lithium creation in Nova Cen 2013 solved this mystery.

According to the Hot Big Bang Theory, Lithium lithium-7 is produced either by tritium-α fusion, or through beryllium-7.

nova centauri 2013
Nova Centauri 2013. Photo by discoverer John Seach

RA 13 54 45.35
Dec -59 09 04.2 (J2000)

Galactic coordinates: 310.982 +2.727

Naked eye nova
Maximum magnitude 3.3

Magnitude range: 3.3 - 15.1 V

Also known as:
V1369 Cen
Nova Cen 2013
PNV J13544700-5909080
N CEN 13

Prior to outburst the binary system was catalogued as:
USNO-B1.0 0308-0442031
GSC2.3 S7N0050294
2MASS J13544534-5909040
2XMM J135445.6-590903
UCAC4 155-128029

References for Nova Centauri 2013

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