Ilyinsky Volcano | John Seach


(Iliinsky, Iliyinsky, Iliyinskaya sopka, Iliyin sopka, Ozernaya)

Kamchatka, Russia

51.49 N, 157.20 E
summit elevation 1578 m

Ilyinsky volcano is located in southern Kamchatka, NE of Kurile Lake.
It is located in a depression which may be the remains of an earlier volcano.

Ilyinsky has a relative height of 1400 m, a basal diameter of 8 km, an area of 60 sq km, and volume of ejected material 40 cubic km. The cone shape of the volcano is distorted towards on the eastern slope by a scarp. No fumaroles have been discovered on the volcano.

1901 Eruption
An eruption of Ilyinsky volcano in 1901 produced a 800 x 1200 m wide crater, 200-450 m deep, located on the northern slope.

Further reading
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Ilyinsky Volcano Eruptions

1901, 50 AD?, 2050 BC?, 2850 BC?, 4550 BC?, 5700 BC ± 50