Ichinsky Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

55.68 N, 157.73 E
summit elevation 3621 m

Ichinsky volcano is located in central Kamchatka. It is one of the largest volcanoes in the Kamchatka peninsula. It is the highest peak of the Sredinny Range. Glaciers descend most of the valleys.

The volcano is part of Bystrinsky Nature Park, a World Heritage site. The park contains big horn snow sheep, moose, sable, bear, beaver, mink, fox, wolf, reindeer, and 104 species of birds. The conifer forests are unique to the area. Anavgai and Esso villages are located in the park and preserve the traditions of the Even reindeer herding people. Bystrinsky Nature Park is 8-10 hours drive north from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

In March there is the Beringia Sled Dog Race from Esso to Ossora, on Kamchatka's northeast coast.

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Ichinsky Volcano Eruptions

1740, 1300 ± 200, 800± 300, 550 AD?, 50 AD ± 300, 600 BC, 1200 BC, 1950 BC ± 300, 2850 BC ± 300, 5400 BC?, 5650 BC?, 5850 BC?, 6150 BC ± 50, 6950 BC?