Dzenzursky Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

53.637 N, 158.922 E
summit elevation 2285 m
Compound volcano

Dzenzursky volcano is located in eastern Kamchatka, 57 km SW of Karymsky volcano. Cinder and lava cones are present along an elongated ridge at the summit.

Dzenzursky is a heavily eroded and asymmetric volcano with lava in the south and southwest, and pyroclastic material in the north and northeast.

Eruptions at Dzenzursky volcano
There have been no historic eruptions at the volcano. Dzenzursky volcano has a volume of 90 cubic km. The probability of an eruption is low and the volcano is not currently considered a danger to the local population.

Geothermal Activity
Hydrothermal or fumarolic activity may have been mistaken for eruptions in the past. There is a fumarolic area on the southeastern side of the volcano. The main fumarole area is in the northwest of the volcano, with a boiling pot filled by melt water. Water temperature is 53 deg C at the edge and gas temperature 85-90 deg C.

Further reading
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Dzenzursky Volcano Eruptions

Uncertain eruptions.