Bliznetsy Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

57.35 N, 161.37 E
summit elevation 315 m
Lava cone

Bliznetsy volcano is located in Sredinny Range, central Kamchatka. The volcano consists of two lava flows south of the Ozernaya River.

The Bliznetsy lava flows are situated beyond the identified active subduction zone of Kamchatka.

Bliznetsy (Twins) lava flows originated from the closely spaced lava centers. They are situated 25 km to the east from the Kinenin Maar, at the right bank of the Ozernaya River, 80 km to the north from the Sheveluch volcano.

Eruptions of Bliznetsy
The eruption was preceded by weak phreatomagmatic explosions. The resulting lava field has an area of 5 sq km (length is 2.5 km, the width is 2 km) and the average lava thickness of 30 m. The volume of the erupted material is 0.15 cubic km.

Further reading
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Bliznetsy Volcano Eruptions

1060 BC