Bakening Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

53.905 N, 158.07 E
summit elevation 2277 m

Bakening Volcano is located in eastern Kamchatka, is located 60 km to the NW of the
active volcanic front and 100 km N of Petropavlovsk. This location is between the Kluchevskaya Group and the Eastern volcanic front.

Bakening volcano (2277 m) is 5 km wide at the base and rises 1500 m above the surrounding terrain. On the SE side there is a sector collapse dated 8000-8500 years ago.

Older Bakening rocks are dacitic and exposed on the S and SW flanks between
1300 and 1700 m elevation. A younger series of andesite lava flows cover the whole volcano.

Novy Bakening is a small 250 m high cone situated in the NNE of the stratovolcano. It has erupted eight dacitic flows which extend E and W. The longest flow extends 5 km W into a glacier valley.

Basaltic monogenetic volcanic centers occur W of Bakening, at Srednaya Avacha river, Kostakan river, in the Kavyche valley, and around 30 km to the E in the Levaya Avacha Valley. These centers consist of small scoria cones and associated lava flows. There have produced the most recent eruptions at the volcano, dated 600-1200 years ago.

Further reading
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Bakening Volcano Eruptions

600-1200 years ago.