Alney-Chashakondzha Volcano | John Seach


Kamchatka, Russia

56.70 N, 159.65 E
summit elevation 2598 m

Alney-Chashakondzha volcano is located in central Kamchatka. Alney volcano (2598 m) is located in the north and Chashakondzha volcano (2526 m) in the south contain lava domes. A summit glacier descends the west side of the volcano.

Two cinder cones on the east flanks produced lava flows. The monogenetic volcanic structures of the eastern slope of the Alney-Chashakondzha massif were formed almost synchronously 2600 years ago.

Levaya Belaya River Lava Flow.
The source of this lava flow (56°38’N, 159°43’E) is 5 km to the ENE from the summit of Mt. Chashakondzha (2526 m), on the steep right bank of the river valley. The altitude of the cone’s summit is 1400 m. The length of the lava flow is 3.5 km, the width is up to 550 m. The cone has a diameter is 500 m with a height of 200 m. The total volume of erupted material is 0.25 cubic km.

Kireunsky Lava Flow.
Kireunsky cone (56°41N, 159°44E) is situated on the divide between the Kirevna and Pravaya Kirevna Rivers, 5.5 km to the east of the Mt. Alney summit (2598 m). The elevation of the summit is 1400 m. The length of the flow is 9 km with a width of up to 1 km, with an average thickness of 50 m. The total volume of the erupted material is about 0.2 cubic km. Tephra from Kireunsky Cone overlies tephra from Levaya Belaya River Cone.

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Alney-Chashakondzha Volcano Eruptions

1600, 650 BC