East Zway Volcano | John Seach


(Zwai, Zeway, and Ziway)

7.95 N, 38.93 E
summit elevation 1889 m
Fissure vents

East Zway volcano is located on the main Ethiopian Rift, 110 km SSE of Addis Ababa. The volcano belongs to the East Zway segment of the Wonji fault belt (WFB). The volcano is located on the eastern shore of Lake Zway.

The East Zway segment of the Wonji fault belt contains numerous basalt fissures
and centres which are aligned upon or parallel to WFB faults, and are usually broken
by the latest movements on these faults.

Fissure basalt lavas and superimposed scoria cones are a common feature
of East Zway volcano which has 80 vents. East Zway contains more alkaline basalts than O'a caldera to the south.

Further reading
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East Zway Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions of the volcano in the past 10,000 years.