Yate Volcano | John Seach



41.755 S, 72.396 W
summit elevation 2187 m

Yate volcano is located in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone on the Hualaihué peninsula, Chile. It is located on the Liquiñe-Ofqui fault zone which extends for over 1,000 km along the volcanic arc of southern Chile.

The volcano is glacially eroded, but has grown through effusive activity. There are no records of historical volcanic activity at Yate volcano , but there is evidence of minor postglacial explosive eruptions from tephrochronology.

The volcano contains six eruptive centers along a 7.5 km long fissure. Yate has experienced multiple summit collapses NE and SW of the summit.

1965 Landslide
On 19th February 1965 between 6-10 million cubic metres of of rock and ice detached from 2,000-m elevation to the SWof the summit, and produced a debris flow. It traveled 7.5 km, descending to an altitude of 1490 m, and entered Lago Cabrera. Velocity of the flow reached 40 m/s. A 25 m high tsunami was generated on the western end of the lake, destroying a settlement, and causing 27 fatalities. Debris flows similar to the 1965 event are likely to recur at Yate every 100 years. Global warming may result in an increased rate of avalanches due to glacial melting.

Further reading
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Watt, Sebastian FL, et al. "Edifice destruction on strike-slip fault zones: Landslide and tsunami hazard at Yate Volcano, Chile." Bulletin of Volcanology 71.5 (2009): 559-574.

Yate Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.