Whangarei Volcano | John Seach


North Island, New Zealand

35.75 S, 174.27 E
summit elevation 397 m
cinder cones

Whangarei Volcano is located next to the town of Whangarei in Northland. The volcano consists of scoria cones and lava flows.

The volcano is located surrounding Whangarei Harbour at Parua Bay and north Ocean Beach. The main rocks are volcanic-lithic sandstones and dark mudstones, with minor associated basaltic lavas, red and green cherts, and siliceous mudstones.

Further reading
Shane, P. and Coote, A., 2018. Thermobarometry of Whangarei volcanic field lavas, New Zealand: Constraints on plumbing systems of small monogenetic basalt volcanoes. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research354, pp.130-139.

Whangarei Volcano Eruptions

30,000 years ago.