Wayang-Windu Volcano | John Seach


West Java, Indonesia

7.208 S, 107.63 E
summit elevation 2180 m
Lava dome

Wayang-Windu volcano is located in west Java and consists of two cones 1.6 km apart. Mt Wayang (2180 m) has a 750 m diameter crater open to NW and contains solfatara and fumaroles. Mt Windu (2137 m) has a 350 m diameter craer open to SSE and shows no activity.

Further reading
Bogie, I., Kusumah, Y.I. and Wisnandary, M.C., 2008. Overview of the Wayang Windu geothermal field, West Java, Indonesia. Geothermics37(3), pp.347-365.

Wayang-Windu Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions at the volcano.