Walo Volcano - John Seach


West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

5.53 S, 150.90 E
summit elevation 15 m
hydrothermal field

Walo volcano is located 5.5 km from Walo village, Bangula Bay on the north coast of New Britain. Geothermal activity at Walo Volcano consists solfatara and mud springs. There are no exposed volcanic rocks.

Walo thermal area is not directly connected to any known volcano, but it is possibly connected in a regional way to Pago or Karai volcanoes. There are no exposed volcanic rocks. The fumaroles have been used by residents of the area for cooking food. Similar practices also occurred at Narage Island in the Witu group.

Walo Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions at the volcano are undated.
The geothermal area is 10 km SW of Sulu Range which erupted in July 2006.