Mt Victory Volcano - John Seach


Oro Province, Papua New Guinea

9.20 S, 149.07 E
summit elevation 1925 m

Mt Victory Volcano is located on the mainland of New Guinea, 30 km from Tufi on Cape Nelson. In the early part of the 20th century, passing ships used Mt Victory volcano as a beacon due to the red crater glow.

Mount Victory is one of four large Quaternary stratovolcanoes on the north coast of southeastern New Guinea. The other three are Hydrographers Range, Mount Trafalgar, and Mount Lamington.

Mt Victory is a major andesite volcano which is located in an area without a Benioff-Wadati zone. The magmas erupted from the volcano have unusually high levels of Nickel and Chromium.

The summit contains a small crater lake. There is weak thermal activity present. Possible nuee ardentes occurred during 1880's.

Mt Victory Volcano Eruptions

1890-1930, 1810?