Mt Vesuvius Eruption 79 AD | John Seach


5th February 62 AD
Large earthquake destroyed many buildings in Pompeii. Aftershocks occurred for several days.

64 AD
Earthquake destroys buildings in Naples.

24th August 79 AD
Noisy explosions came from Mt Vesuvius and fine ash rained on the slopes of the volcano.  Ash and gas Plinian column rose 33 km high. Hot ash and pumice were falling on Pompeii at a rate of 12-15 cm/hr. After 8 pm the eruption became more violent. Falling ash and pumice were burying Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. Total darkness appeared at 1 pm.

25th August 79 AD
At 6:30 am a nuee ardente reached Pompeii. Large earthquakes hit Pompeii and 2.4 m of hot ash lay in the streets. At 7:30 am the largest nuee ardents swept through the streets of Pompeii. In two minutes the destruction was complete.

26th August 79 AD
The eruption waned in the morning. Effects of the eruption. 8 cubic km of pumice and ash covered 300 sq km of land.

Pompeii remained buried until excavations began in 1748.

Description by Pliny the Younger.

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