Vanikoro Island - John Seach


Temotu Province, Solomon Islands

 11.62 S,  166.97 E
summit elevation 923 m

Vanikoro Island is situated SE of Utupua Island. The island receives over 5000 mm of rainfall yearly. The island is an ancient volcano with old lava flows still visible. The summit elevation is 923 m (Banie).

The French explorer La Perouse, was wrecked on Vanikoro in 1788. The ship Boussole was destroyed on a reef along with most of the crew. The second ship Astrolabe was also wrecked, but survivors salvaged enough to build a small ship and sailed away. Two survivors remained on the island into the early 1800's.

Vanikoro once had the largest amount of kauri trees in the Solomons, but they have mostly been logged.

There are five islands which make up Vanikoro:
Banie (the main island), Tevai, Manieve, Nomianu, and Nanuga.

The Solomon Islands Government announced in April 2008 plans to build an airstrip on Vanikoro Island. This will be the second airstrip in Temotu Province.

Vanikoro Island Eruptions

Extinct volcano.