Utila Volcano | John Seach



16.10 N, 86.90 W
summit elevation 74 m
Pyroclastic cones

Utila Volcano is located off the north coast of Honduras, in the Carribean Sea. Pumpkin Hill is a small littoral cone located along the NE coast of the island.

2009 Earthquake
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit 100 km NE of Utilia volcano on 28th May 2009.

Further reading
Kepezhinskas, Nikita, et al. "Petrology and geochemistry of alkaline basalts and gabbroic xenoliths from Utila island (Bay Islands, Honduras): insights into back-arc processes in the Central American Volcanic Arc." Lithos 352 (2020): 105306.

Utila Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.