Unzen Volcano - John Seach


Kyushu, Japan

32.75 N, 130.30 E
summit elevation 1500 m
Complex volcano

The volcanic complex consists of three overlapping volcanoes. The highest peaks are Fugen-dake (1359m) and Heisei-Shinzan (1486m).

In 1991 Forty-four people, including French and American volcanologists, were killed by pyroclastic flows, and more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed by pyroclastic flows and lahars.

Bandai-type (Bandaian) eruptions is the name given to major slope failures caused by phreatic eruptions. Bezymianny-type eruptions (1956) include a magmatic component. Slope failure without eruption has occurred at Unzen volcano in 1792.

Unzen Volcano Eruptions

1996, 1990-95, 1798?, 1792, 1690-92, 1663, 1663, 860?