Unnamed Volcano - John Seach



18.325 S, 174.365 W
summit elevation -300 m
Underwater volcano

2019 Eruption 
The unnamed underwater volcano erupted about 7 August 2019 according to satellite images. The pumice raft from the eruption drifted west towards Australia.     

2001 Eruption
A previously unrecognized submarine volcano 20-25km S of Fonualei volcano. On 27 Sept 2001, seismic signals indicated a submarine eruption from this new location. The eruption was a short-lived, purely submarine event lasting perhaps 24 - 30 hours, as suggested by those seismic records from last year. Areas of discolored water about the sea mount would persist for another month, likely from submarine fumaroles. This submarine eruption was witnessed by local fishermen, Tonga Defence and Royal Tongan Airlines. Pumice reached the east coast of Australia in October 2002


2019, 2001