Unnamed Submarine Volcano | John Seach



23.58 N, 163.83 W
summit elevation -4000 m

The volcano is located 87 km east of Necker Island, in the northern Hawaiian Islands.

1955 Eruption
On 20th August, 1955, persons aboard a plane flying from Tokyo to Honolulu sighted a disturbance in the ocean at 28 85' N., 168 50" W., approximately 90 km N 85 E of Necker Island, in the northwestern part of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

A column of smoke or steam was observed rising several thousand meters into the air. On closer approach they saw an oval patch of steaming turbulent water, about 1.5 km across, surrounded by a thin line of yellowish surf, with yellowish water drifting away from it.

Near one end of the oval was an area of several thousand square meters of what looked like dry land. The latter probably was a raft of floating pumice, which quickly became water-logged and sank. By the next day, when other planes visited the area, there were no further signs of disturbance other than a slick appearance of the water surface in the formerly turbulent area and a series of long swells sweeping outward from it.