Unnamed Submarine Volcano | John Seach



21.75 N, 158.75 W
summit elevation -3000 m

The volcano is located between Oahu and Kauai. Possible eruption in 1956 when pumice was observed in the area.

On 22nd May 22, 1956, a disturbance of uncertain origin occurred in the Kauai Channel, between the islands of Kauai and Oahu, in the main Hawaiian group.

About 18:15 the crew of a U. S. Navy plane observed a patch of brownish-yellow
material, about 400 m across, in the water about 60 km N 80 degrees W of the westernmost point on Oahu. The point is on the south side of the submarine ridge connecting the two islands, in a depth of water of nearly 8,000 m.

At low altitude the crew members could smell a sulphurous odour, but could not detect smoke or steam, nor could they see any bubbling or turbulence in the water.

The pilot of the plane, stated that the activity closely resembled that he had seen near Necker Island on 20th August 1955, except that there was no smoke or cloud.

A pilot of a second plane, had observed the eruption at Didicas Rocks, north of Luzon Island in the Philippines, in 1952, and stated that the activity between Oahu and Kauai resembled that at Didicas Rocks before the latter reached the surface of the ocean.