Una Una Volcano | John Seach


(Also known as Colo)
Sulawesi, Indonesia

0.17 S, 129.121.60 E
summit elevation 507 m

Una Una is an isolated volcano, located in the Gulf of Tomni, offshore from central Sulawesi. Una Una is a low island with a 2km wide caldera. Only three eruptions have been recorded at the volcano.

1983 Eruption
In 1983 pyroclastic flows swept over the island after residents were evacuated.

1960 Earthquake
A large earthquake occurred on 29th April 1960. The epicentre was 20 km south of Una Una volcano. The earthquake was felt in all town surrounding the Gulf of Tomni.

1898 Eruption
An eruption produced lahars and ash which covered 300 sq km. Ash plumes drifted 800 km from the volcano.

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Una Una Volcano Eruptions

1983, 1938, 1898-1900?