Ubinas Volcano | John Seach


Moquegua, Peru

16.35 S, 70.9 W
summit elevation 5672 m

Ubinas volcano is a symmetrical cone standing isolated on a plain. It contains a large summit crater 1.2 km in diameter. The crater walls are vertical in some places. Ubinas volcano rises 1400 m above the surrounding plain.

Ubinas has been intermittently active throughout historic time, minor eruptions occurred in 1677, 1784, and several in the 1800s. Ubinas is the most active volcano in southern Peru. It has erupted about 6-7 times per century.

Activity at Ubinas consists of long periods of degassing and shorter vulcanian and phreatomagmatic eruptions.

2023 activity
On 10-15 December 2023 ash emissions reached a height of 2.5 km above the summit and drifted NW and W.

2014 Activity
Small amounts of ash were emissted from Ubinas volcano in February 2014.

2013 Eruptions
Eruptions began at Ubinas volcano on 1st September 2013. Ash reached a height of 2 km. Ashfall was reported 10 km from the crater.

2008 Eruptions
In November 2008, ash plumes were continuously emitted from the volcano and rose to a height of 22,000 ft above sea level.

2006 Eruption
In March 2006 Ubinas volcano erupted after 37 years of inactivity. The eruptions began with fine ash emission on 27th March 2006. At the peak of activity incandescent rocks were ejected 4 km from the crater.

1956 Eruptions
In 1956 vulcanian eruptions damaged crops and livestock in the village of Ubinas 6 km to the southeast.

1667 eruption
The eruption of Ubinas volcano in 1677 was the largest historical eruption of the volcano. It had a volcanic explosivity index of 3. The eruption produced
about 0.1 cubic km of lava flows and scoria.

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Ubinas Volcano Eruptions

2023, 2019, 2013-16, 2006-08, 1969, 1956, 1951, 1937, 1907, 1906, 1869, 1867, 1865, 1862, 1830, 1826?, 1784, 1677, 1662, 1600, 1550.