Tullu Moje Volcano | John Seach



8.15 N, 39.13 E
summit elevation 2349 m
pumice cone

Tullu Moje Volcano is located 130 km S of Addis Ababa, close to Sodore hot springs.

Tullu Moje is a small volcano composed mostly of pumice and ash, but with a base mostly made up of trachytic and rhyolitic lavas. The summit crater about 700 m in diameter is more intensively faulted than Bora and Bericcio volcanoes, to the west.

Tullu Moje volcano is more faulted than Bora and Bericcio volcanoes because it
is located in the middle of the most active tectonic line of the Rift floor.

Further reading
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Tullu Moje Volcano Eruptions

Possible eruption in 1900.