Tshibinda Volcano - John Seach


Democratic Republic of Congo

2.32 S, 28.75 E
summit elevation 1460 m
Cinder cones 

Tshibinda volcano is located on the SE shore of Lake Kivu. It belongs to the Kivu volcanic province on the western branch of the East African Rift. Tshibinda volcano is one of the most recently active volcanic centres located on the fault.

Tshibinda lavas show trends towards isotope compositions resembling those for
some ocean island basalts. Lava from Tshibinda volcano has a similar composition to Nyiragongo volcano.

2015 Earthquake
A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit 24 km NNE of Tshibinda volcano on 7th August 2015. The focus had a shallow depth of 12 km. The earthquake caused 2 fatalities in Bukavu.

2008 Earthquake
A large, shallow earthquake (mag 6.0) hit under the volcano on 3rd February 2008, killing 7 people, and injuring hundreds.

Tshibinda Volcano Eruptions

Possible eruptions in the past 2000 years.