Tromen Volcano - John Seach



37.140 S, 70.050 W
summit elevation 3964 m

Tromen volcano is located in NW Argentina. The volcano consists of a thin layer of volcanic rocks over Mesozoic sedimentary rock base. Tromen volcano formed and developed in a tectonic context of E-W compression.

Tromem volcano formed in Neuquén back-arc basin. The basement sedimentary rock is more deformed than the thin volcanic cover, although both have recorded a significant amount of E-W shortening. Folds and faults trend N-S, following arcuate
trends around the foot of the volcano.

Volcanic activity has been almost continuous for 2 million years, and that a part of the shortening is less than 1 million years old. Tromen is one of the first documented examples where magma reaches the surface in a compressional setting.

Tromen Volcano Eruptions