Traitor's Head Volcano | John Seach


Tafea Province, Erromango Island, Vanuatu

18.75 S 168.33 E
summit elevation 837 m

Traitor's Head volcano is located on the eastern side of Erromango Island, 4 km east of Ipota airfield.
There are three well preserved volcanic cones on Traitor's Head Peninsula. The cones are aligned northeasterly with the summit Mt Raintop (837 m). Mount Oulenou (421 m) is the youngest of the cones and contains a well preserved crater. Erromango Island is interesting because of its young age. It represents an early stage of island arc growth.

2013 Earthquakes
Three magnitude 4.7 earthquakes occurred near Traitor's Head volcano in 2013. They occurred 14 km south on 12th January, 22 km SW on 21st February, and 33 km SE on 25th February.

1881 Eruption
An eruption of Traitor's Head volcano occurred off the NE coast of Erromango Island in 1881. The submarine eruption was located between Goat Island (5 km offshore) and the edge of the peninsula.

Further reading
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Traitor's Head Volcano Eruptions

1959 Four submarine vents N of Erromango  
1881 Submarine flank eruption.