Torishima Volcano - John Seach


Izu Islands, Japan

30.48 N, 140.32 E
summit elevation 403 m

The volcano forms a 2.7 km wide island in southern Izu Islands. Torishima Volcano is home to the endangered seabird the short-tailed albatros.

2002 Eruption
An eruption of Torishima volcano was observed from a sailing ship on 11th August 2002. An overflight the following day between 1145-1245 hr revealed an ash rising from the SW crater wall of the summit crater (Iwoyama). Discolored sea water extended 20 km W of the island. The eruption widened the summit crater. The eruption finished after 10 days.

Torishima Volcano Eruptions

2002, 1975, 1965, 1939, 1902, 1871