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Hokkaido, Japan

43.42 N, 142.68 E
summit elevation 2077 m

Tokachi Volcano is located in central Hokkaido, Japan. Farmland near Tokachi is a popular places for viewing lavender fields.

A debris avalanche and mudflow occurred during an eruption in 1926. Large eruptions occurred at the volcano in 1926 and 1962.

2003 Earthquakes
Volcanic tremor lasting 37 minutes occurred at Tokachi volcano on 8th February 2003. There was no report of an eruption.

1988-89 Eruptions
Eruptions began at Tokachi volcano in early December 1988, following two months of increasing seismicity. A strong phreatic eruption occurred on 16th December 1988 and deposited ash at Ikeda, 80 km SE of the volcano. Phreatomagmatic eruptions began on 19th December 1988, accompanied by incandescent ejecta, and pyroclastic flows. A large phreatomagmatic eruption began at 2212 hr on 24th December, accompanied by an earthquake, and pyroclastic flow with a runout distance of 1 km. About 800 residents were evacuated from areas within 15 km W of the crater and Shirogane area, 6 km NW. Eruptions finished in March 1989.

1962 Eruption
The eruption at Tokachi volcano in 1962 occurred near the 1926 crater. An eruption column rose to 12,000 ft altitude. Five miners were killed by scoria bombs and blocks. Ashfall on the eastern side of the volcano damaged crops.

1926 Eruption
An eruption at Tokachi volcano in 1926 produced a hot avalanche which reached a mine 2 km NW of the crater, killing 26 people. The avalanche turned into a cold lahar by melting snow on the upper slopes. The lahar hit the towns of Furano and Biei, 25 km NW of the crater, killing 118 people.

Further Reading
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Tokachi Volcano Eruptions

1988-89, 1985, 1962, 1961, 1959, 1958, 1957, 1956, 1954, 1952, 1931,
1928, 1928, 1925-27, 1889, 1887, 1857.