Tofua Volcano | John Seach



19.75 S, 175.07 W
Summit elevation 512 m

Tofua Island is circular in shape and five miles wide.
The island contains a caldera with a freshwater lake almost at sea level.
Captain Bligh was cast adrift next to Tofua Volcano during the famous Mutiny on the Bounty in 1789.

2009 Eruptions
Lava was visible in Lofia crater at Tofua volcano in March 2009. A hotspot was detected on satellite images at the volcano on 8th March. On 20th March 2009 a magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurred 45 km SE of Tofua volcano. The earthquake caused rockfalls on the island.

2008 Activity
Satellite images showed hotspots at Tofua volcano in March, June, July, August, and November 2008.

2007 Activity
Satellite images showed hotspots at Tofua volcano on 15th March and 22nd May 2007.

2006 Activity
An orange crater glow was observed at Tofua volcano in May and June 2006.

2004 Activity
During a visit to Tofua volcano in October 2004, explosions 1-2 times per hour ejected scoria over the crater rim.

1906 Eruption
An eruption of Tofua volcano on 23rd October 1906 produced three new cones in the crater. Lava flowed into the lake of the old crater.

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Tofua Volcano Eruptions

2006-09, 2004, 1958, 1906, 1889, 1885, 1854, 1792, 1774.